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Citizen tea party videos can be found by querying "Tallahassee Tea Party" on YouTube 



July 2, 2009, Francisco Gonzalez and Pace Allen spoke about the July 2 "Rally for Healthcare Freedom" and July 4th Tallahassee Patriots Celebration on "The Morning Show" with Preston Scott.

April 16, 2009, Sean Hannity radio program: Featuring call from Karen of Tallahassee

April 16, 2009, Tallahassee Democrat: Tea-party protestors rally against spending

April 16, 2009, WCTV news: Tallahassee Tea Party Demonstrators Still Rallying For Lower Utility Bills  

April 16, 2009, WCTV newscast: Tax Day Tea Party Utility Bill Petition (YouTube)

April 16, 2009: WCTV: Tallahassee's Tax Day Tea Party

April 15, 2009, WTXL Channel 27 News: Live local report from the Tallahassee Tea Party on the 5:00 P.M. news (find active link under featured videos) 

April 10, 2009, FOX News Business Neil Cavuto: Featuring interview with Tallahassee's Pace Allen

March 19, 2009, Glenn Beck radio program: Glenn Beck talks about Tallahassee's tea parties

March 19, 2009, Tony O'Donnell hits the tea party at the Cap' (video) 

March 17, 2009, WTXL Channel 27 News: Residents protest stimulus plan, government bailouts (video)

March 10, 2009, Sarasota Herald Tribune: Conservative chief brings anti-Crist message to Capital 



Perhaps We Need a Tea Party Again