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The Tea Party Takes Over Tally! 

When the first tea parties began in 2009, Tallahassee residents, like many millions of American across the country, were furious in the lack of leadership in government. From the Bush-Obama bailouts, to the arrogance displayed by members of Congress at town hall meetings. 

In some sense, the tea party has already been wildly successful - ousting many incumbents who lost their way and replacing them with leaders who share the tea party's commitment to limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.

In Tallahassee, our Governor Rick Scott has been boldly assertive with his tea party agenda. The picture above was taken on the first day of Florida's 2011 legislative session. Governor Scott and his Lt. Governor, Jennifer Carroll, stood with the tea party at our "save the state" rally on that day and promised to cut the budget, lower taxes, and be fiscally responsible as we look to put our state on a more sustainable fiscal path.


Tallahassee is situated in Florida's 2nd Congressional District. We replaced 7-term incumbent Allen Boyd with a tea party patriot, Steve Southerland. We kept telling Mr. Boyd that if he didn't listen to our phone calls and emails, that he would surely hear from us in November. He got beat by double digits.

Since taking office, our new Congressman, Steve Southerland, has told us he doesn't want to be called "Congressman," but simply "Representative." He has held a number of self-initiated town hall meetings in District 2, including one in Tallahassee (pictured above) on March 26.

While we are making headway at the state and federal level, a renewed emphasis must take place at the city and county level to replace those incumbents with representatives that will put our city and county on a more sustainable fiscal path. So much of wasteful spending takes place at the local level - and this is arguably the easiest place to have an impact, since it is the level of government that is closest to we the people.

Thanks in large part to the tea party movement, America is fighting its way back. 2011 must be an action-based year for those who believe in liberty. And, it has started strong. While the tea parties have been autonomous local groups working to awaken and involve citizens in their own communities, they have also worked with each other across states like Florida and even across state lines.

How much bigger will this movement grow?

Will you be a part of it?

Please stand with us and stand up for liberty!