Ballot Amendments

There are numerous amendments and other initiatives on the Florida ballot this November. Be informed about them before you get to the polls or mail in your absentee ballot. The Tallahassee Tea Party asks you to consider the analysis and recommendations put forth by The James Madison Institute, a free-market think tank that produces research and education for public policy in Florida.

The James Madison Institute'sVoter Guide for the 2010 State Ballot Proposals (PDF)


The Tallahassee Tea Party is also proud to join a coalition of more than 20 tea party groups around the state in the United 4 No on 4 campaign.


This is perhaps the scariest thing on the Florida ballot this November. While the "Yes on 4" campaign is touting this as a bill that will allow us to "vote on everything" and take power away from the politicians, it is not as simple as that. This bill is a jobs killer by halting development; it will raise taxes through an increase in lawsuits and special interest; and it will infringe on the property rights of all of us by allowing other people (who may or may not even live in our neighborhood, town, or city) to have a say on what we want to do with our property. It is costly - it will force hundreds of items onto our ballots every year and force families and small businesses to wait more than six months to a year for other voters to approve improvements and adjustments to our own property 

Who's behind this bill? Radical environmentalists who want to see a reduction in economic growth and even a reduction in population growth. 

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